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Crafted with care, our Snickerdoodle Cookies boast a soft and chewy interior that beckons with warmth and comfort. The delicate aroma of cinnamon dances in the air as you take your first bite, instantly transporting you to cozy kitchens and cherished memories.


Comes with a dozen (12) cookies.

Snickerdoodle Cookies

  • Care Instructions

    It is recommended to consume within 3 days of purchase. Store at room temperature in a sealed container. Cookies come packaged in a clear container.

  • Allergen Information

    Contains: Wheat, Gluten, Eggs, Milk, Dairy, Soy, Cinnamon. Nut Free. (We are not a certified nut free facility).

  • Size

    Serving size 36 grams/per cookie.

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