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Temperatures are getting warmer. Please do not leave cakes in hot cars, or left in direct sunlight. They will melt!


Thank you for your cake purchase! Please read and follow these instructions to ensure the best possible product experience. From the time of pick up our clients are fully responsible for the handling, storage, and final presentation of their cake. 


Please ensure you are available to pick up / receive delivery of your cake on the date as requested in your initial order. Any requests for alternative pick up or delivery dates may not be honored and are not the responsibility of HBG. Cakes need to be picked up during business hours.



Please keep cake refrigerated prior to serving. Once the cake is removed from the refrigerator, please keep it in a climate controlled area (65°-70° is ideal). We recommend consuming cake within 48 hours after pickup to ensure freshness as preservatives are not used in our products. 


We make everything in-house, from scratch and these instructions are meant to reflect the nature of our cake. Buttercream is made from real butter, so it’s important to remember that butter while in the refrigerator is hard and cold, and butter left on a kitchen counter overnight will become soft. Our cakes are refrigerated prior to transportation to ensure they are stiff and sturdy prior to them leaving our bakery. As the cake warms up the buttercream will soften and the cake will moisten. If you can’t achieve the exact recommended timeframe, we recommend erring on the side of too little time out of the fridge to make sure the design stays intact.

Too much time out of the fridge will result in elements of the cake being compromised (IE: Cake layers slipping, cake sagging etc…). Too little time out of the fridge will result in the cake being cold and the cake may seem dry and the buttercream could seem hard.


Here’s a guide to determine when to take your cake out of the fridge:











Smash Cakes:

Smash cakes should be taken out of the refrigerator in a climate controlled area at least 1 hour prior to “the smash”. The warmer the cake and buttercream, the easier and more “smashable” it will be for tiny hands.


Do’s and Don’ts for Cake Transportation:


NEVER leave the cake in a warm or hot car. Even for a short amount of time.

NEVER put the cake on a seat, child’s car seat, on your lap, or sloped surface.


DO put cakes on a flat, level surface for transportation.

DO put cakes on the floor and/or non slip floor mat of the car.

DO NOT: Tilt cake boxes, squeeze cake boxes, rotate cake boxes, etc… Cakes are fragile and need to be treated as such. 

Always carry cake boxes from the bottom where the cardboard is sturdy. All cakes will come packaged in a cardboard box.


By purchasing a cake from HBG, you are consenting to the care of your cake. Once items have left our facility, we are not responsible for any damage or mishandling of items. In the event that a 3rd party person or vendor handles the cake after delivery and/or set up, which result in damages, Hollywood Baked Goods cannot be held liable under any circumstance.


 Thank you and enjoy your cake! 

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