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Welcome to our "Holly-O" & "Holly-Pop" Shop:

Welcome to our "Holly-O" and "Holly-Pop" shop! All of our creations are handmade from ingredients at our Kirkland location. 

What is a "Holly-O" and "Holly-Pop"? It's a delightful treat that combines the nostalgia of a classic sandwich cookie covered in premium chocolate. 

We have "Holly-O's" and "Holly-Pop's" daily at our Kirkland shop that can be purchased in any quantity (Yes- you can grab one for an immediate sweet tooth fix). Preorders through our online shop are in quantities 12. Please call 425-999-3544 to verify same day or next day orders.  

All orders placed online are not customizable beyond any available options outlined on the website. Any requests for customizations will not be granted. 


If you have additional questions prior to ordering, please review our FAQ section.

No Refunds, No-Rescheduling, No Cancellations. 

Daily Shop Hours:

Monday-Friday 11AM-6PM

Saturday 10AM-6PM

Sunday 11AM-4PM

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