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Join Our Cake Tasting
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Thank you for registering!

Cake tastings are nonrefundable and non-transferable to other dates. Cake selections cannot be modified or customized.

We highly encourage a confirmation of our availability, and that your vision is in line with what we can create prior to booking.

Welcome to our "To -Go" Cake Tasting! 


Please read all the details thoroughly prior to booking.

We do not offer any in person consultations on the day of your "to-go" pickup. Once you've tried the tastings in the comfort of your own home, more in depth details can be discussed via a scheduled phone consultation or email. We’ve found this process to be more personable and convenient, as our shop does get quite busy. 

Standard Tasting Includes:

  • Carrot Cake + Cream Cheese 

  • Red Velvet Cream Cheese

  • Vanilla + Lemon Curd

  • Vanilla + Raspberry

  • Chocolate + Raspberry


Vegan Tasting Includes:

  • Vegan Double Chocolate

  • Vegan Very Vanilla

  • Vegan Oreo

  • Vegan Cookie Butter

  • Vegan Red Velvet

Gluten Free Tasting Includes:

  • Gluten Free Double Chocolate

  • Gluten Free Very Vanilla

  • Gluten Free Vanilla + Lemon Curd

  • Gluten Free Vanilla + Raspberry

  • Gluten Free Chocolate + Raspberry

  • What is the pickup time for cake tastings on my selected Saturday?
    Cake tastings may be picked up on your pre-scheduled Saturday during our business hours of 10AM-6PM.
  • How many servings does a cake tasting feed? How are they served?
    Each tasting comes with 4-5 samples, depending on what cake tasting you select. Each sample is made up of two layers of cake, layered with filling, and each sample flavor serves 2-3 people. Each sample comes packaged in compostable containers with lids, and should be enjoyed within 48 hours of your "to-go" pickup.
  • I’m interested in a different flavor than what is offered in the cake tasting. What should I do?
    All of our cake samples offered in the tasting are our most popular flavor combinations. Although we love complex flavor profiles, it’s HBG style to offer classic flavor combinations.
  • We love chocolate cake. Does this mean our cake will be brown?
    Great question! No, not necessarily. Most of our cake designs are either white or have various colors on the outside the cake. This means the outside layer of buttercream will be vanilla, however the actual cake and cake filling can certainly be chocolate. If you’re OK with a brown cake, we’re more than happy to provide chocolate buttercream on the outside of the cake.
  • We are ordering a vegan cake, however we keep seeing the word “buttercream”. Help!
    In commerce and with baker lingo, you will occasionally see the word “buttercream” used for vegan goods. Please be advised this is a generic term (like icing, frosting, etc.) and rest assured, your desserts will be vegan (AKA butter-free).
  • How do I get a quote for my cake?
    Once you’ve tried our cake samples and have fallen in love with our products, please email Once we have a clear vision of your cake, we can help with providing a quote.
  • I have additional questions, what should I do?
    We have an extensive FAQ section here: More in-depth answers can be found there.
  • Do you have a storefront?
    Yes! Come in for a daily selection of treats.
  • How do I place an order?
    On our website there is an “Order Now” tab. There is a drop down menu if you’d like to filter your search. If you are placing a custom order, all orders need to be received via email at All payment and cancellation policies will be handled electronically. We do not process or confirm any orders in our store front to ensure order accuracy. Orders are not confirmed and put on onto our production schedule until payment and the cancellation policy are received.
  • How far in advance do I need to place the order?
    Please allow 72 hour notice for most orders placed directly on our website. Orders of large size, heavy customization, or cakes can take longer, so we recommend placing your order 7 days in advance. We do have a large amount of daily items in our Kirkland store front for purchase.
  • For online orders I can’t find where I specify the pickup date?
    For each individual item there is a mandatory field on the product page that says "Date of Pickup". On the cart page there will be a “Checkout” button. Click that. You will then fill out the “Customer Details” area and there is a mandatory field there that says “Date of Pickup”. Please type in your desired pickup date there.
  • What is your address?
    We are located at 12815 NE 124th St. Suite Q Kirkland, WA. We are located in the Totem Lake Business Park in Suite Q.
  • What are your business hours?
    We are open 11AM-6PM Monday-Friday, 10AM-6PM on Saturday, and 11AM-4PM on Sunday. Holidays may affect these hours.
  • Where are you located?
    We are in the Totem Lake Business Park off NE 124th Ave and Slater in Kirkland. We are directly across the street from the Dodge Jeep Ram dealership. We are in the same complex as Dyson, Fena Flowers, and Savage Brewing.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, under certain circumstances. This would be a custom request, and we do require a minimum order of $500 prior to the delivery fee. Delivery subject to bakery availability.
  • Do you create custom cupcakes, cake pops, and cakes?
    Depending on the item, absolutely. We enjoy custom projects, and are happy to discuss your vision. We are capable of custom piping, custom coloring, and can print most images or logos on edible toppers. At this time we do not work with fondant, gum paste, sugar flowers, or shaped cakes beyond heart shaped cakes. Please inquire for details and rates.
  • Do you offer mini or jumbo cupcakes? What size are your cupcakes?
    At this time, we do not offer mini or jumbo sized cupcakes. Our cupcakes are a standard size.
  • Do you offer platter/stand rentals?
    At this time we do not offer any rental options. We would recommend CORT Party Rentals, or Grand Event Rentals.
  • Do you provide labels or ingredients lists for items?
    If items contain dietary restricted items such as Gluten Free, Vegan, Eggless, and/or Gluten Free & Vegan this will be labeled with a sticker on the product when it leaves our bakery. Additional signage for display purposes would need to be provided by the customer. Additionally, ingredients lists for products will not be provided unless previously requested via email.
  • Do you accept outside recipes? For example, a customer provides a recipe for us to bake?
    As much as we would love the opportunity, unfortunately we do not. All of our recipes are tried and true to the HBG brand for quality standards.
  • Can a recipe be modified? For example: Lower sugar, omitting an ingredient?
    No. All of our recipes are tried and true to the HBG brand.
  • What kind of chocolate cake and buttercream do you make?
    We use a combination of light and dark chocolate in equal parts.
  • Do you work with fondant or gum paste?
    No. All of our cakes are made with American style buttercream that’s made from scratch in our bakery. We do not create any figurines, flowers, or additional decorations with gum paste or fondant in house. With that being said, with advanced notice it is possible we can source a fondant topper or something similar. We do encourage customers to reach out at least 3 weeks in advance to allow for production and shipping.
  • Can you dye the cake layers?
    No, we cannot. We've found this compromises the texture of the cake.
  • Do you create flower arrangements on your cakes?
    We work closely with a local florist that can provide real flowers for cakes. These are subject to seasonal availability and various colors, varieties, and types of flowers are not guaranteed.
  • Do you make shaped cakes?
    Beyond our standard round cakes, and heart cakes, we do not offer any additional shaped cakes.
  • Do you make sheet cakes?
    We do not. If you are wanting more simple cakes for additional servings, this is something that can be ordered.
  • What is a cake "tier"? What is a cake "layer"?
    Cake "layers" are the individual, horizontal sections of a cake, while cake "tiers" are the complete vertical sections of a multi-tiered cake. When cakes appear to be stacked on top of each other, this is an example of a multi-tiered cake. HBG offers Two Tiered Cakes in 6"+8" and Three Tiered Cakes in 6"+8"+10".
  • How are your cakes made?
    All of our cakes come with three (3) cake layers, and two fill layers of either buttercream or fruit filling.
  • What fruit fillings do you offer?
    Lemon curd, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, cherry. These are not available on vegan cakes.
  • What kind of buttercream do you offer?
    We make an American style buttercream from scratch at our bakery. Available flavors are chocolate, vanilla, and cream cheese (as a filling) for our cakes.
  • What cake flavors do you offer?
    Choices for cake flavors are chocolate, vanilla, red velvet or carrot cake. Options may vary depending on vegan and/or dietary modifications. Gluten free cakes can be made in chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, carrot cake, or funfetti. Vegan cakes can be in chocolate or vanilla. Vegan & Gluten free can be in chocolate only.
  • How many people does a 4” cake feed?
    In general 1-4 people. We also call this cake size a "mini" or "smash" cake. This size can be ordered directly on our website in simple designs. 4" cake sizes can sometimes be customizable, but due to their petite size, cannot be heavily decorated.
  • How many people does a 6” cake feed?
    In general 6-12 people. This size can be ordered directly on our website in a variety of dietary modifications and designs.
  • How many people does a 8” cake feed?
    In general 12-22 people. This size can be ordered directly on our website in a variety of dietary modifications and designs.
  • How many people does a 10” cake feed?
    In general 22-32 people. This cake is quite big, and we encourage customers to understand it's large size prior to ordering. 10" cakes cannot be ordered on the website, and would be a custom request.
  • How many people does a 6” + 8” two tiered cake serve?
    In general 35 people.
  • How many people does a 6" + 8" +10" three tiered cake serve?
    In general 67 people.
  • I am ordering a Three Tiered 6" + 8" +10" cake, I have more questions!
    6" + 8" +10" are quite large. In general, we recommend a cake of this size being delivered. You are always more than welcome to pickup the cake at our shop. There will be a required $15 Box Fee for a 6" + 8" +10" cake pickup.
  • How do I place a non-custom cake order online?
    On our website there is an “Order Now” tab. There is a drop down menu and filter by “Cakes”.
  • How do I place a custom cake order?
    Please refer to our Custom Cake page: Please include: 1) Cake Size, 2) Cake Flavor, 3) Cake Filling Option, 4) Any Dietary Modifications, and 5) Photo Inspiration. All 5 items need to be received to better assist with pricing. Not receiving all the necessary information may result in delays.
  • Can I sample cake prior to a cake purchase?
    Potential customers are more than welcome to come into the shop and purchase a cupcake or cake cup. This will be a good indication of what the cake will be like, but small variations are to be expected. Alternatively you're more than welcome to register for a monthly cake tasting here. This needs to be done in advance, and only available monthly so please plan accordingly.
  • Can products be made eggless?
    Some, but not all, of our cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, dipped pretzels and "Holly-O's" can be made eggless. Some cakes have a "Dietary Modification" option for "Eggless" on our website. Please inquiry to get additional details to ensure your desired product can be created eggless. Not all products can be requested to be eggless via the website.
  • What is vegan?
    Vegan means the product contains no meat products, no animal products, no dairy, and no eggs. For example vegan products do not contain: Eggs, Milk, Half & Half, Heavy Cream, Butter, Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, or Honey.
  • What is gluten free?
    A gluten-free diet excludes any foods that contain gluten, which is a protein found in wheat and several other grains.
  • If a product is vegan, does that mean it’s gluten free, and vis versa?
  • What Gluten Free flour do you use? 
    We use Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 Gluten Free Baking Flour. It’s made from a blend of Sweet Rice Flour, Whole Grain Brown Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Whole Grain Sorghum Flour, Tapioca Flour, and Xanthan Gum. The Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 Gluten Free Baking flour is nut free, but please be advised we are not a certified nut free facility although we do try to avoid cross contamination.
  • What allergens does your Vegan cupcakes and cake pops have?
    Wheat, Gluten, Soy and Almond. We use an organic, unsweetened almond milk in the vegan cake. At this time this cannot be substituted or eliminated.
  • What allergens does your Gluten Free cupcakes and cake pops have?
    They contain: Eggs, Milk, Soy.
  • What allergens does your Vegan & Gluten Free cupcakes have?
    They contain: Almonds, Soy.
  • If I have more specific allergen related questions, what should I do?
    All of our products have detailed allergen information on each product page. Find the product you're interested in and on that product page under "Allergen Information" there will be additional details.
  • Are you a certified Gluten Free, Nut Free, or Vegan facility?
    No. We do however take great care in avoiding any cross contamination while in production.
  • Are your products kosher?
  • Do you make keto, sugar free or diabetic-friendly treats?
    At this time, no.
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